Solutions for Radio

Radio microphone & headphonesRatings growth with economic efficiency

Hotchkiss Marketing Solutions works with radio groups and stations in nearly every top 20 market. We understand the importance for stations to achieve substantial ratings growth, with the maximum economic efficiency. We help you win in even the most challenging competitive situations. Our track record of success in over 60 PPM campaigns is unmatched.

The key to our strategy is the implementation of our increasingly-detailed insight into panelist characteristics. This comes from an extremely through knowledge of Nielsen metrics. This, combined with the unique proprietary tools we have developed, delivers results unmatched by any other methodology. There simply is no other company with this depth of analytics and experience.

In response to the dynamic and changing nature of media consumption, we incorporate over the air cable and broadcast television, digital strategies and OTT/streaming elements. Our expertise precisely guides and  determines the most effective combination for each individual market and station.